When you clean your home, it’s likely that you have a routine that you perform. Maybe you start with the kitchen, then move to the bedrooms, and bathrooms, then vacuum at the end. Everyone has their own unique way of making sure their home is clean and organized.

Sometimes when we get into our cleaning routine there are certain parts that can be missed or not included. Maybe you truly overlook it because you can’t see it, or maybe it is simply that you don’t want to do it because it is trying – that is okay and perfectly understandable! 

There are many areas in your home that can easily be glanced over, especially if you are used to seeing it every day. We wanted to share 4 areas that, with over 15 years of experience, Monica believes are the most overlooked areas while cleaning. 

Under the bed

Cleaning under furniture can be such an easy area to forget because it is largely out of sight, out of mind. The space under the bed is the perfect area for collecting dust, hair, food crumbs bugs, and all kinds of other random things. Monica and Cesar said, “it’s crazy the stuff we find sometimes!”

There are a lot of factors that determine how often you should vacuum under the bed – including if you have pets, and if you often have late-night snacks. Be sure to check under there regularly to ensure you breathe clean air while you sleep!


Kitchen countertops and sinks get a lot of attention. Rightfully so, as these are the most trafficked areas in that space. The cabinets are used equally as much as those surfaces, yet they get the least amount of attention. Think about how often you actually touch your cabinets – you’re cooking and reach for spices or other ingredients, you get plates, cups, and glasses.

Monica says that sometimes cabinets are so overlooked, a thin film of grease can start to form on them. Not only is this unsanitary, but it can also wear down the finishing on your cabinets. Over time, the grime finds its way to the wood and can start to deteriorate and ruin them. Overall, the cost of overlooking your cabinets could cost you lots of money down the line. 

Doors and Door Frames

This one seems obvious, right? With covid at the top of our awareness in the past couple of years, we sanitize door knobs with great care to help prevent the spread of pathogens. Sanitizing and cleaning are two very different things!

Often, doors and door frames go overlooked because they don’t seem to be frequently touched – we only think of the knob. Take a moment to think of how many doors you come into contact with every day. From home to work, it’s a lot! 

Also, children that are not able to yet reach the door knob often rely on the door itself to open and close it. They leave their little fingerprints and snack residue behind, and most of the time it is not at the forefront of their tired parent’s thoughts. 


It’s the mark of every home with kids and/or pets – the nose smears and little fingerprints on the windows. It can be endearing because it reminds us someone misses us and is eagerly waiting on the other side of the glass. However, these marks can build up over time and leave behind tons of bacteria. 

Regular cleaning of your windows is important because avoiding dirty windows can keep your windows looking great for years, improve air quality in your home, prevent damage to your windows, and maintain energy efficiency. 

A regular cleaning service can help you address all of these issues and maintain the beauty, efficiency, cleanliness, and functionality of your home. Monik’s Cleaning Services aims to help people in and around Gastonia, NC have a happy, healthy home and lifestyle. Our goal is to lend a helping hand with housekeeping so you can make spending time with yourself and the people you love a priority. We want to support you so you can make time for the things and people you love.  

Schedule your cleaning service with us and enjoy the ones you love to the fullest!