We often get asked what the difference is between a deep clean and a regular clean with Monik’s. We’d love to elaborate! It is very important to understand the specific services of each one to assure your satisfaction. 

We will delve into these two kinds of clean so you can educate yourself and decide what would be most beneficial for you and your family!

Regular Clean

Regular cleaning services can change your life. Our clients who we visit weekly, bi-weekly and monthly report to us that a big burden has been lifted from their lives. There are so many reasons why having a clean home is beneficial to your health and happiness. 

Having a clean space not only helps prevent you from getting sick but it eliminates brain fog and mental clutter as well. Children also function better in healthier, less cluttered environments.

Here is a comprehensive list of tasks we can take over for you in a regular home cleaning:

Living Spaces

• Remove cobwebs (even behind the furniture)

• Dust windowsills & any decorative items

• Dust wall hangings like pictures, painting & curtains along with the furniture

• Dust blinds and ceiling fans (within reach)

• General tidying

• Vacuum all floors



• Clean & sanitize the shower and the tub enclosure

• Clean & sanitize all counters and sink

• Clean & sanitize the toilet(s)

• Clean and shine any mirrors and the fixtures

• Fold towels

• Vacuum & mop


• Clean and sanitize the stovetop

• Clean the microwave interior

• Dust and spot-clean the cabinet exteriors

• Hand-wipe the table & chairs

• Hand-wipe small counter-top appliances

• Vacuum & mop the floor


Extra Touches

• Empty wastebaskets

• Place trash in the outside receptacle

• Wash sliding glass doors, inside and out (weather permitting)

• Vacuum upholstered furniture

• Wash the window over the sink

• Make the beds

In addition to all of this, we take Covid-19 precautions very seriously and all surfaces are sanitized one last time before we exit your home. 

Deep Clean

When you’re busy with daily tasks and activities, it is so tough to make time to deep clean your home. Deep cleaning is one of our most popular services because it helps our customers so much. By letting us handle this labor-intensive task, you can relax knowing that your home will be much healthier than it was before.

All the tasks of a regular cleaning happen during a deep clean, however, there are detailed surfaces in your home that would be attended to in a deep clean that would not be maintained regularly. These deep clean specific areas and surfaces include:

Living Areas

• Clean underneath area rugs

• Clean underneath/behind lams and movable furniture

• Woodwork

• Baseboards

• Door frames

• Windowsills

• Cabinet exteriors

• Paneling (additional fees may apply)


• Interior windows

•Sliding glass doors

• French doors


• Spot clean

Monik’s Cleaning Services aims to help people in and around Gastonia, NC have a happy, healthy home and lifestyle. Our goal is to lend a helping hand with housekeeping so you can make spending time with yourself and the people you love a priority. We want to support you and your home so you can make time for things and people you love.  

To schedule your deep cleaning or regular cleaning service with us, click here and we will be in touch!