Having your home deep cleaned by our professional cleaning service provides a very special feeling of relief and relaxation. Afterward, you can rest knowing that you don’t have the responsibility of baseboards, walls, ovens, and refrigerators on top of all your other duties. It can all be taken care of by our loving, attentive staff based locally in Gastonia, NC! 

We want to share the best practices and methods to prepare for your deep clean so you get the most out of it. If you complete the tasks below before your deep clean, you can be sure your home and family will be completely content!  

Remove as much clutter as possible 

Day to day life gets busy! It’s hard to keep up with clutter, especially if you have children at home or don’t have regular housekeeping services. Getting rid of clutter eliminates housework by 40% in an average home

Before the day of your scheduled deep clean, it’s ideal to have clutter removed from areas around your home. As a result, our employees can clean hard-to-reach and unseen areas. The more time they spend moving items from countertops or floors, the less time and energy they will have to look for unclean areas.

Prepare All the Bedding

For a deep clean, the primary focus is for the cleaning crew to find areas that are usually passed over. Before your scheduled time, make sure you have changed all the bedsheets so you’ll rest easy on crisp, clean bedding in your sparkling house! 

Make Sure Your Sink is Empty

Make sure all your dishes are cleaned up and put away so that your sink can get a proper scrub down. Again, the less you leave out for the crew to clean up the more immaculate your home will be!

Have Clear Communication

The best way to be satisfied with your deep clean is to make sure we understand your expectations! We lay out exactly what is included in a deep clean, but if you have another expectation or something else you want to be completed within reason, be sure to let us know you can be totally satisfied! 

Monik’s Cleaning Services aims to help people in and around Gastonia, NC have a happy, healthy home and lifestyle. We want to help you with housekeeping responsibilities so you can make time for things and people you love. 

To schedule your deep clean with us, click here and we will be in touch with your selected time!